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How to create a Monogram with Embroidery Files

Embroidery SoftwareMegan Bottomly

If you are new to Embroidery and have a program that will help you edit your fonts and resize, you have everything you need to create a custom monogram or name. Different programs operate in different ways, but the one way that most programs can be guaranteed to work the same is by clicking the "File" tab under your programs header bar.  Scroll down and then click "Merge Files".  It should then give you the option to upload a new letter of your font to existing font or blank page.  You may have to simply start the program by clicking on the font letter to have the page opened with the letter in the center of the screen.   Then you can go to File and click down to Merge Files  or something of the like.

Once your letters are in the correct format, you can re-size each letter according to your needs by clicking on them and then dragging the surrounding box according to the size desired.  I have a preference to Embrilliance Essentials for this particular feature because it recalculates the stitches for you and fills in where needed as you adjust the size of your font.

Just remember that your combined design or monogram may not be larger than 3 13/16" wide or high for a 4x4 hoop or it will not load on the machine.

4 13/16 x 6 13x16" on a 5x7 hoop

6 13/16 x 11 13/16 on a 7 x 12 hoop

There are endless possibilities with a good editing program.  Hope this helps answer some questions!


Embrilliance Essentials Embroidery Editing Software for MACs and PC computers

Embroidery SoftwareMegan Bottomly

When I first started embroidery a few years ago, I ran into several issued with editing software because I am a loyal MAC user.  One of the first Applications that I purchased was "Embrilliance Essentials".  It was created for those who love MAC computers but need editing and reformatting software for their Embroidery machines.  I have been a huge advocate for this program for most of my Etsy Shoppers. Yes, it is $150.  However, you can buy fonts that are less expensive that only come in one size and then resize them to suit your needs.  Their new updated version actual recalculates your stitches for you however large or small you wish to make your design.

The Embrilliance Essentials company is great at responding to questions and concerns.  It is always my first choice when referring customers new to embroidery that use MAC computers.  Just make sure you keep your serial number handy for updates!

To purchase Embrilliance Essentials, just click on the links above or below:

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